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St. George’s Hellenic Language School

Welcome to our school

Our school is committed to offering a variety of programs that allow our students to connect to their Greek Heritage, learn about Greek History, indulge in the Language and experience the Culture through food, dance, and music. We are an accredited school through Alberta Education and follow an approved curriculum Greek Language and Culture 12 Year Program Kindergarten-Grade 9 and Greek Language and Culture 15, 25 and 35.

We have highly, diversely educated staff from Greece and Edmonton, that are filled with exceptional talent and who are committed and dedicated to offering the best learning environment for your child in a Second Language classroom.

Our Instructional Focus:

All students at St. George’s Hellenic Language School will demonstrate growth in their ability to communicate fluently in the Greek language, through a school-wide focus on listening, reading, writing and oral communication across a curriculum which includes learning and developing an appreciation of Greek history and culture. This growth will be measured by school developed assessments and demonstrated at school celebrations.

Hours of Operation:

Saturdays – 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Here are the programs that our school offers:

St. George’s Hellenic Language School


Our Preschool program is for children ages 3 and 4. The class focuses on introducing students to the Greek language through oral & listening activities, writing, songs, and letter, number and word recognition. The class also focuses on developing students’ fine motor skills through arts, crafts, and various activities.

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Greek preschool, Edmonton, AB

St. George’s Hellenic Language School

Kindergarten to Grade 9

Our Kindergarten to Grade 9 program follows the approved curriculum Greek Language and Culture 12 Year Program under Alberta Education’s locally developed courses. The curriculum focuses on exploring the four main aspects to learning a Second Language: Oral production, Listening Comprehension, Reading and Writing. Students are engaged through authentic tasks, communicative activities, games, music, Geography, History, Mythology and so much more.

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Kindergarten to Grade 9 , Greek school, Edmonton, AB

St. George’s Hellenic Language School

Greek Language and Culture 15, 25, and 35 – 12 Year Program

Our High school credit program continues to build on all areas listed above and allows students to obtain credits towards their High School diploma. Students receive 5 credits per course with successful completion. Students are able to use Greek Language and Culture 35 as a University entrance course depending on which programs they decide to enroll in.

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Greek school, Edmonton, AB

Extra Curricular Activities

Greek Dance Program

Our fantastic Dance program is taught by dance instructors from our adult dance group “Kyklos”. Students have the opportunity to learn and perform Traditional Greek dances from all regions of Greece.

Not only do our students learn the steps to each dance, but they also learn where the dances originate from in Greece, what costume pieces symbolize and the different costumes from each region. Students are also introduced to different musical instruments that are used to produce music for specific dances. Our students showcase their dances at each School Celebration.

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Greek dance, Edmonton, Kyklos

Extra Curricular Activities

Religious Education

The Greek Orthodox Religion is a great part of Greek culture and heritage. We have the privilege of having our school in the same building as St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church.

Students have the opportunity to learn about different aspects of the Orthodox faith and engage in lessons and activities that allow them to better understand the meaning of symbols, Holy celebrations, Holy sacraments and much more.

(This once a month class is optional and accommodations can be made for those that wish not to participate)

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Religious education, Edmonton, AB, Greek school